Equine Photography is Andrew's speciality.
Horses are another passion of mine and I have spent twenty years around them, studying them and trying to understand exactly how they move and think, mostly so I don't fall off while riding them.

Equine Photography is a very difficult field of photography. You are dealing with an animal, with a mind of its own and a brain the size of a walnut. You have to be very patient, understanding and forgiving when working with horses. It is hugely rewarding to get the perfect shots but can often be time consuming and frustrating, for both horse and human!

Imagine 500kgs of raw muscle and energy, with a highly sensitive fight of flight instinct. Now you're asking it to stand still, in a deliciously green field and keep its legs in just the right place, head up, ears pricked forward and just ignore the flies (photoshop will deal with them later.) Don't even get me started on said horses' owner!

Photographing Equine competitions is a little easier, but still requires an intimate knowledge of the horses paces and movements (especially in Dressage). You want to show off horse and rider at their best.

If you would like beautiful photos of you and your horse, or just your horse, please get in touch with me.

I'd love to meet and work with you and your equine partner.

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