Commercial Photography

Savannah Studios offers a wide range of services and has an innate sense of what clients want and need, and is then able to translate this into product and visual marketing.

Products and services include:

  • Photography of factories, products and services for use as stock photography, on websites, in brochures etc
  • Promotional slideshows and interactive DVDs for marketing purposes
  • Production of corporate give-aways: coffee table books, calendars, mugs, diaries, coasters, stickers, keyrings and more...
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Equine Photography

Equine Photography is Andrew's speciality.
Horses are another passion of mine and I have spent twenty years around them, studying them and trying to understand exactly how they move and think, mostly so I don't fall off while riding them.

Equine Photography is a very difficult field of photography. You are dealing with an animal, with a mind of its own and a brain the size of a walnut. You have to be very patient, understanding and forgiving when working with horses. It is hugely rewarding to get the perfect shots but can often be time consuming and frustrating, for both horse and human...

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Event Photography

Savannah Studios have been covering events for several years. No event is too big or too small and the Studio specialises in full media packages for corporate entities. A popular request from clients is merely a few hours of photography, presented in high resolution on a CD - simple!

Capture your high-profile event or corporate function the best way possible with the Savannah Studios Team.

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School Photography

Savannah Studios is Zimbabwe's leading school photographer, providing photographic services to a numerous private and Government schools.  Savannah was the first digital photographic house to introduce the use of school crests, names and borders onto photographs and have developed a simple, easy-to-use ordering system.

Do your parents and pupils a favour: Make sure your school's photography is done on time, in full and at a competitive price! Contact Savannah which'll show you how they can boost your quality, reduce your costs and  deliver a quality, reliable and consistent service.

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Tourism & Product Photography

Gregg Robinson has over 20 years of experience from when he was heavily involved in tourism. Before taking up photography full-time, Gregg's guiding and marketing background, combined with his years of working in the corporate sector, stood him in good stead in approaching assignments from creative as well as business points of view. He has kindly passed this experience down to The Savannah Team.

Having an understanding of that which clients seek and being able to deliver as much, is how The Savannah Team helps clients achieve their goals through product and visual marketing. Achievement of clients' needs is done...

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Wedding Photography

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who captures the imagination and essence of the soul, you are at the right place. With each photograph that is taken, we strive to tell your wedding story in a creative way, capturing priceless moments and creating timeless memories of your special day. As a photographers it gives us great pleasure to capture that perfect shot that pauses time and reflects the moment. Let us help you capture those timeless poses of anticipation and togetherness, filled with romance and magic.

On your wedding day you’ll be surrounded by emotions that...

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