Gregg Robinson has over 20 years of experience from when he was heavily involved in tourism. Before taking up photography full-time, Gregg's guiding and marketing background, combined with his years of working in the corporate sector, stood him in good stead in approaching assignments from creative as well as business points of view. He has kindly passed this experience down to The Savannah Team.

Having an understanding of that which clients seek and being able to deliver as much, is how The Savannah Team helps clients achieve their goals through product and visual marketing. Achievement of clients' needs is done using the following products and services:

  • Photography of hotels, lodges, camps and destinations for use as stock photography, in websites, in brochures etc
  • Promotional slideshows and interactive DVDs marketing specific holiday and tourist destinations / offers
  • Production of gift shop memorabilia and client products such as coffee table books, calendars, TV slideshows, postcards, coasters, stickers, bookmarks, keyrings and much more
  • Production of virtual tours, documentaries and presentations with voiceovers
  • Production of marketing materials

It's important to be consistent when linking all aspects of a marketing project, which means key players must be involved from the job's concept to completion, to ensure uniformity throughout.

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